Unlike the previous editions, we won't provide T-shirts to the participants. Nevertheless due to a lot of requests from our community we're planning to do an on-demand T-shirts order. Here is how it will work:

You will have to fill a pre-order forms (available at the end of this article) to tell us what size, model and colour do you want. T-shirts price will be lower if we get a lot of orders but in case we have a low amount the price will be 13,50€. ***EDITED: Unfortunately, we didn't estimated properly the unit cost of a minimum order option and it will be 15€ per unit***  

We'll have 2 different T-shirt modes which come with two colours (yellow or white), the front part will have Zoo Machines main art illustration made by Dziff, while the back will have the 2016 edition main title : MAKE IT LAST.

Orders will end of Thursday 27th at midnight, if you miss it we won't be able to do anything, so be fast and get yours before it is too late (that's what "limited edition means!".


Read more: ZooMachines 2016 : T-shirt pre-order


ZooMachines2016 poster web


*** UPDATE ***
The first batch of tickets has been sold in less than 48h, and the second one in only an hour. We were as flabbergasted as excited to see such enthusiasm for this new edition of the festival. Unfortunately we won't make a third batch of ticket. If however, you've never attended the event and feel like you should and can provide diversity, creativity and energy to the event, please reach us by briefly introducing yourself, we always keep few tickets left for new coming participant, especially if you are not from the digital game field and wants to experiment such context.


Tickets are finally available in limited number at the unit cost of 40€. As usual it includes full access to the jam, side events and freshly-cooked meals during the whole jam (3 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 3 dinners all vegetarian & vegan) + snacks & drinks during the nights. If you have any questions feel free to write us an e-mail or reach us by Twitter or Facebook.

You can buy your ticket right here: https://www.weezevent.com/zoo-machines-2016


While the production of the coming edition is in progress, we are happy to announce that the date of the festival will be from November 10th to 13th. Save the date and stay tuned on our website, Facebook group or Twitter account to know when the tickets will be available online! See you very soon!



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They love us


"Lille did rock! If you are looking for the perfect space to breed great games and meet fantastic people, the Zoo Machines is your with this perfectly organized jam!"
Jana Reinhardt

"Zoo Machines is unlike any other game jam I've ever attended. The focus on teams connecting hardware and software to make genuinely new interactive experiences. I've never seen games that were so much about laughter, testing boundaries, and changing the way we look at familiar things."
Adam Saltsman

"Since my first game jam, I've always found it amazing how a group of strangers can so quickly create something out of nothing. We walk through a wonderful zoo, with machines instead of animals."
Jonathan van Hove

"Zoo Machine is the most inspiring event for interactive creations. It pushes games beyond games towards pure digital art beauty. Zoo machine is a human and digital LSD trip to creativity."
Matthieu Muller

"Clay, wood, plastic: no matter the material, the participants at Zoo Machines will miraculously transform it into an experience you probably haven't had before."
Chris Priestman


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